Our Very own Augmented Reality

We are happy to share that our Augmented Reality app just landed on the app Store (for IOS only for the moment)

You can find it here:

The principle of Augmented Reality is to add a digital layer to a physical thing, in our case a scarf. So once you have the app and a scarf in front of you you can see a 3D annimation, or you can send messages to someone in case its intended as a gift.

We will add more information soon. For now it will work with any style from series 9, that will be available between September and early November.




Iracema Trevisan
HHH just did a cool video!

Our first video, that came from the collaboration collection with Miranda July is just out at Nowness! You can check it in context here:


Iracema Trevisan
Ceramic Surreal

Backstage of the production of our ceramic scarf rings.

Each piece is hand made in a ceramic atelier in Paris, cooked, painted, cooked again a process that can take 3 days. It was developed with Rejean Peytavin, an artist with an fascinating body of work on ceramic.

Iracema Trevisan
New Collection in! Series 8 available at Chez Moi Paris

Chez moi also means 'at my house' and this space in the heart of Paris is true to its concept. Ranging from furniture to interior design to fashion, like the living room of a friend with exquisit taste. They just received HHH series 8.

Chez moi Paris 25 Rue Herold 75005

Iracema Trevisan