HHH Augmented Reality App


IOS: Download it here   Android: Download it here

Our Augmented Reality Project is a part of HHH Series 9. The intent is to propose a new way to see the designs, make them more interactive and give you the possibility to send a message hidden digitally inside the scarf.
This is an evolving project: New 3Ds will be added, we will also invite artists and friends to contribute with sound bites and animations.

- To see
an animated, 3D go to Scan scarf and select the design on the menu. Then point your phone camera to the lower right corner of the scarf.
- To send
messages select Send a Message, choose the design and write your message. You can either write down the code or send a notification to the receiver.
- To receive
a message go to Receive Message, type the code and point the camera to the lower right corner of the scarf.